1 Million Ways To Wear A Suit

October 29, 2018 0 Comments

1 Million Ways To Wear A Suit

Buying a suit can be expensive, we know what you’re thinking ‘I never really wear it though..’, well here’s a million different ways to wear one!
We really are proud to have been chosen by so many of you gents to be the supplier of your Marc Darcy suits, shoes and accessories one the past few years and if you haven’t got yours yet then make sure to pop in and treat yourself!

The autumn/winter season is here lads! It’s time to get suited and booted and to always turn head with your outfits! If you want to go out with a bang this weekend then make sure you get one of our Marc Darcy suits and see where he weekend takes you! Check out some of our gorgeous Marc Darcy suits here.

I know, I know, you all want something someone else doesn’t have, we know you want to look a bit different which is why you can tailor one suit to have as many different looks as you like!

First of all, you can obviously just wear a full 3 piece suit, regular collared shirt, dress shoes and a standard tie which looks amazing on it’s own!

Your second look could be a little switch up, how about changing your standard tie for a bow tie? A little bit more quirky!

Your third look could be to take away the ties and change your normal shirt for a grandad style collar which would really add a touch of class! You could even roll up your trousers if you’re not interested in a classy look but want a more casual look!

Your fourth look could be to then pair your blazer from your 3 piece suit with a smart shirt and a pair of jeans and some dress shoes or boots! Something a little more casual for the weekend!

Your 5th look might include you looking dapper in just a waistcoat, shirt and chinos, pair with some loafers and you’re onto a winner lads! Or grab your favourite polo shirt and partner them with your suit trousers and loafers…

Well lads, the list really is endless! We hope we’ve helped you out to make your suit go as far as it possibly can! Remember whatever look you go for make it one that you love, nothing makes a suit look better than a beaming confident smile. Enjoy your weekend!

We are honoured to be able to work so closely with all of you, so thank you, we appreciate every single one of you! Drop us a message on our social medias if you want to find out more or pop in for a try on!

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